Do You Desire to Live Your Dream Business Destiny, But Feel Stopped, Stuck or Stalled? Give Yourself 3 Full Training Retreat Days and I’ll Show You How Business Miracles™ Will Get You Moving Again!

Dear Secretly Suffering Self-employed Friend,

I’ve been successfully self-employed for almost 10 years; have brought my coaching company across the million dollar mark and work with clients and team members that I deeply love, but just over 3 years ago was one of the darkest, most depressing times in my business and life. I was pushing to make more, more, more; I constantly felt inadequate like I was being overwhelmingly suffocated from my belief that “I am not enough” and, to top it off, when I looked to the general coaching industry for help I was disheartened by the massive disconnect that I saw. I questioned everything about what I was doing in my business and who I had become.

However, this was not the first time I had wrestled with darkness in my soul and if the past had taught me anything it was the importance of looking “in here” when I didn’t like what I saw “out there”. So I dove even deeper into my own spiritual practice, connected with trusted mentors, and, most importantly, poured even more love into my work with my current clients and community members. What emerged has been amazing.

I discovered what I now refer to as doing the “real work” as a coach, practitioner or creative entrepreneur. Yes, it’s about making money and being able to provide for you, but the greater truth is about a journey of bravery for folks like you and me. It’s about the willingness to look in the mirror and when you don’t like what you see creating a shift in perception (a miracle!). To be willing to see things differently; to go from “I Can’t” to “How Can I?” and, ultimately, to shift from fear to love – in every part of being in your business as well as every part of living your life.

This Event Is For You If:

• You are a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur™ and are ready to learn the full depth of your HSE™ abilities; how to claim them and use them in your business to support you in creating what you want.

• You are willing to embrace how special your HSE™ abilities make you and to celebrate this.

• You are open to receiving business systems designed for the HSE™ so you can be purposeful, profitable and therefore empowered … on your path of liberation, of freedom, of Business Miracles™.

• You value receiving training from a dedicated, genuine, fully-giving mentor and support from a coaching team who are willing to be in V&V (Visibility and Vulnerability) Energy™ with you and who are all also HSEs™.

• You are excited by the idea of being surrounded by a community, a business family of people who really, really get you because they are just like you and they hold the space sacred for you so you can experience accelerated learning.

• You are relieved that you can attend a business training where the environment, content and community are warm, peaceful, kindhearted while also being massively transformational.

• You become motivated to be your most expansive self through the act of making this type of investment.



• You expect your business mentor and facilitator and onsite coaching team to do the work for you.

• You do not value the insight of a group of highly-talented, wise, intuitive, innovative, visionary HSEs™.

• You want to continue to spin out in overwhelm by doing things the way you’ve been doing them until now.

• You tend to be more competitive than collaborative.

You’d rather hide out by yourself because you are so afraid you’ll be found out for not being perfect.

• You don’t want to give up using your HSE™ abilities as “unreasonable reasons” of why you can’t have what you want in your business.

• You use Spirit and guidance as a reason for not expanding and moving forward.

You cling to the belief that only those in the world who are big, loud, abrasive, aggressive, overly charismatic have a right to wealth and success.

You cling to the belief that if you just spend enough time with people who are big, loud, abrasive, aggressive, or overly charismatic that you’ll become like them and no longer be an HSE™.

• You enjoy being at events that are big, the music is loud, the environment abrasive, the energy aggressive, the room freezing, and you’re kept up until all hours of the night, and the mentor commands you to chant “Hell Yes!” or consistently demands you repeat after them or high-five the person next to you and tells you that you’d be successful if you just stopped making excuses.

• You want to be constantly sold to.

• You start to freak out or spin off into “money drama” at the thought of this investment.

A Course in
Business Miracles™
3 Day Retreat

Regular ticket tuition


A Course in
Business Miracles™
3 Day Retreat



A Course in
Business Miracles™
3 Day Retreat

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This is the 3-Day Training Retreat journey I invite you to join me on. This is not your typical “Coaching Industry Live Event”. This will be an intimately designed training retreat especially for the Highly Sensitive EntrepreneurTM: seating will be limited to 125, we will be at the beach in a naturally sunlit room set to a comfortable temperature with views of palm trees and the ocean, there will be plenty of time and space for breaks and processing as well as a full coaching team on hand to have you fully supported.

One thing I hear from my community members all of the time is how much they value coming together in person with a group of people who really get them and accept them. This is the magic ingredient for inspired implementation and creating a true shift in how you do everything in your business and life going forward. It is most certainly miraculous.

See you at the Business Miracles™ Training Retreat!
Love and Blessings!

P.S. Rather than continuing this life pattern of denying your HSE abilities, struggling to fit in or trying to be just like everyone else; it’s about using your HSE talents to support your business success.

P.P.S. We will focus on 3 Key Modules: Manage Your Relationships, Master Your Marketing and Monetize Your Mission. These are imperative for an HSE™ to be successful. Join us now.